Thirsty Quenchers

Thirsty Thirst QueNchers

Baby Mango Shots

Baby Mango Shots

A little bit of sweet, with a little kick of heat. This shot is simple to make and quickly enjoyed; it might be hard to keep them around very long.

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Last Shout To Captain Cook Tavern

Last Shout To Captain Cook Tavern

Over the past few years Dunedin has lost some very iconic bars; including The Gardies, The Bowler & NOW The Captain Cook Tavern. Thirsty Liquor and ZM wants to bring one of them back to relive the special moments held at these places once more.
Thirsty for new business?

Thirsty for new business?

THE OWNERS of the Thirsty Liquor branded chain of liquor stores certainly have been busy. This year they have acquired nearly 20 new shops...

THE GIFT Everyone Wants!

Our Vouchers make the  perfect gifts!
Stop into your local Thirsty store and grab yourself a voucher or two or three...
Great for Birthday's, Thank You's or just because you want to
give someone a special surprise on their day!



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