Green Rooftop

Green Rooftop

Very soft on the bouquet with small hints of apple and ginger coming through. Slight sharpness on the palate but instantly mellows. Warmth on the palate that develops into a citrus and spice mix that’s surprisingly smooth. 


  • 45ml Larios 12

  • 10ml Apple Liqueur

  • 4 Apple Slices

  • 1 Ginger Slice

  • 1 Dash Orange Botters

  • 120ml Schweppes Quenching Cucumber Tonic


GARNISH: Ginger sticks and an apple slice


METHOD: Mix the green apple and the ginger slice.

Add Larios 12 and the remaining ingredients (except the tonic) into a chilled Balloon glass packed with ice.

Fill gently with tonic and stir slowly. Decorate with some ginger sticks and an edible flower.

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